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Opening Commissions! I'll be starting out doing REQUESTS so that I have examples for when I start charging. I'm also looking to get feedback on my skills so I can get an accurate pricing. It's FREE, what else do you need to know? (You help me I help you, you get things free and I get My examples, friends helping friends!)

Note me with your request info and the answers to the Before Questions, Slots are first come, first serve in order of who notes me.

:bulletyellow: Slots
1. :iconkuroimarzipan:
OC Aina Latte
[Half body & watercolor]
Status: Ready to Paint (8/8)

2. :iconcaipryss:
OC Aura
[Full body & watercolor]
Status: Thumbnails (8/9)

3. :icondodoman1er:
Sad Shota Neko
[Pencil & comic]
Status: Planning (8/8)

4. :iconchicken-yuki:
Harvest Moon's Laney & Elli
[Couple, half body & digital color]

5. :iconrayo-elgatubelo:
OCs Ray & Janet
[Colored pencil & simple background]

I'll be doing more after I finish these ones. (My goal is to hit everything on my list), but I'm keeping the Slots few so I don't get overwhelmed)

:bulletgreen: I would like to create examples of each:
Pick something nobody has picked yet and I'll redo something that has been done as long as it isn't crossed out.

1. Character
Toddler to 30s, My old people scare small children! Will do Anthro if requested. Fine with suggestive themes, but not if it's obscene! (i.e. sexy, flirty, romantic are cool, but porn is not)
(a) chibi style (b) portrait (c) half body (d) full body (f) couples/groups

2. Art Medium
(a) pencil sketch (b) inked lineart (c) screentone (d) digital coloring (e) colored pencils (f) watercolor

3. Other Details
(a) simple background (b) Action Pose(s) (c) Makeover/ Style Re-design What to do about that character in the T-shirt and jeans? (d) comic pages (up to 6 panels)

I've got questions I'd like each Requester to note to me with the details of their Request. (More I scratch your back you scratch mine stuff)

Before Questions
1. What are your expectations?
2. What do you usually commission?/What would you commission if you have the money?
3. What seems like a fair price to pay for what you're asking? (I will ask again when you have seen the finished product)

After Questions
1. What seems a fair price to pay for what you're asking now that you seen the finished piece?
2. Are you satisfied with this commission, if not why what could I do improve my work?
3. Would you commission me again sometime in the future or refer me to a friend?

:bulletpurple: Policy so far...

Work is not for commercial use (i.e. anything that creates profit)
Questions are pretty much mandatory, but it's okay they don't ;)

Thank you for your help, and if you have anymore questions or helpful suggestions please share!
You'll never hear the end of it. Mwahaa!
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Joanne V. Maes
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
ME: "I don't want your SMELLY LLAMA.
It spit in my hair.
...Now I smell like Llama spit!"

LLAMA: "You smelled before my spit got anywhere near you...!"

ME: "Oh no you didn't Llama!"

LLAMA: "You gonna do something about it?"

ME: "Well I'm not gonna take it lying down!"
*Punches Llama and then runs away*

LLAMA: "Llama abuse! I'm gonna call the Llama authorities on yooooou!"

ME: "Ain't no such thing you dumb goat!"
*runs into squad of Llamas*

LLAMA SQUAD: "We heard you've been abusing Llamas."

ME: "Hoshit!!!"

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